Water from air

I found an interesting Indian patient notice about extracing water from air:  http://www.ircc.iitb.ac.in/IRCC-Webpage/patent2408.jsp The article is short and I did not find any further info on a quick google search.

Waste Pickers to micro industrialists

Waste Pickers are persons that make a living or survive by scavenging trash dumps for re-sellable materials.  Some estimates state that 15 million people survive by picking waste.  A world bank study estimates that up to 2% of the world’s population depends on some form of trash to survive. A good place to start to…

3D printed hand

This is an amazing video of a man who built 3D printed replacement hand for himself after an industrial accident and changed the lives of many. Richard Van As, living in South Africa, and Ivan Owen, living in Washington State, collaboratively designed the Robohand.  Using a combination of email, video chat and 3D printing, these…

Nigerian doctor builds his own hospital equipment

A doctor in Nigeria is building his own medical equipment out of found objects.  He provides farmers with land in exchange for their food and waste.  The waste is converted into fuel and power the hospital.  Over 100,000 patients have visited this unique hospital over the years. http://panniland.blogspot.com/2007/06/renaissance-man-of-africa.html

PLA Plastic

PLA plastic is Polylactic acid.  As scary as that is, it is actually made from  starch, a food, and is considered a bio-plastic.  Most plastics are made from good old oil that we pump out of the ground.

Kinds of Plastic

Plastic is a word to describe a wide range of materials.  In our modern world we interact with plastic every day.  We drink from plastic water bottles, type on plastic keyboards, drive cars with plastic parts and eat food served in plastic containers.  Most plastics we use can be broken down into 6 categories.  If…