Juice box wallets

The common juice boxes and cartons are finding new lift after its juices have been drank.  People are making them into wallets and other goods.

Juice Box WalletJuice box wallets are beautiful and useful. A juice box and cartons are made of liquid packaging board which is usually six layers of paper, polyethylene plastic, and aluminum foil. Paper is used to shape the product and give the box an extra source of strength, Polyethylene forms a liquid-tight seal and keeps the product dry, polyethylene is the layer used to print the information and graphics that are provided on the packaging, aluminum is used for the purpose of keeping light and oxygen out (as well preventing the juice from becoming spoiled without having to use extra preservatives).

Weyerhaeuser, a U.S. company that make the box materials states that they make enough material for 6 billion 1 liters boxes.   Recycling juice boxes is a challenge due to the different layers of paper, plastic and aluminum.  But people are the world are learning creating things to do with them.

Juice box wallets are being made all over the world and are even sold on Etsy for about $4.00.  Purses are a little more.  These can be made with simple tools and minimal skills providing a business for developing nations and giving value to otherwise worthless trash.