3D printed hand


This is an amazing video of a man who built 3D printed replacement hand for himself after an industrial accident and changed the lives of many.

Richard Van As, living in South Africa, and Ivan Owen, living in Washington State, collaboratively designed the Robohand.  Using a combination of email, video chat and 3D printing, these two non-experts were able to design, fabricate and begin to distribute the Robohand.  The design of Robohand is done on the computer, using a free software which anyone can access.  There is no patent on the design, and the actual design file is similarly freely available online, along with instructions on how to adapt the design to an individual hand.  Whereas before, someone needing prosthetic fingers would need to go to a specialist for a customized product, with Robohand they can make one at home.

CBS news coverage of 3D printed hand for a child in the US.