Simple cardboard electric generator


card board generatorI found a great video on the making of a simple electric generator.   It produces enough power to light a small light bulb. It uses scrap cardboard, wire and magnets.

A good friend told me about how education programs are running into problems due to the lack of electricity in the homes and the inability of students to study at night.  It gets even worse as girls need to leave the safety of their homes to study at night.  I started looking for ways to power a little reading light.  Sure, candles, solar lights, and even crank flash light would solve this.  These things cost money, so I am researching how a reading light can be made using waste item or surplus items.

The parts could be found in a trash dump with a little luck. It might even be a small business building these.

Visit his web page here to get detailed instructions, tips, debugging help and read the comments.

Watch the video below