Homes made of plastic bottles


In Bolivia and other Latin nations a group are helping people build their own homes our of plastic bottles.  The Casas de Botellas, which translates to Bottle House, are giving people new hope and dignity. The bottles are filled with  honey, sand, rubbish, linseed oil and milk.    The bottles are added to  dirt, livestock blood, cement, lime, sand, batteries, flour and water paste, feces, organic waste, auto tires and glucose become a mixture with which new homes are made.

bottle house

The group built a 1,800 square foot home for  a family of 5 that had lived in a home of just 43 square feet (4 m2).   Six homes have been built in Bolivia, one in Argentina and two in Uruguay, and one in Mexico. Twenty more houses are planned to be built in Argentina, and the project is expected to continue collaborating with other communities throughout Latin America.

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