Favorate products from CES 2014


Below is a list of links to exciting companies I saw at the consumer electronics show in Las Vegas

Afinia – 3D printers

Stratasys – 3D printers

Makerbot – 3D printer

Leti – Maker of sensors and other components for advance devices

Rii – makers of cool keyboards

Robo 3D – 3D printers

ZY LIghts – maker of cool LED products

Moss – modular robotics

Luciom – Using light to send data

Incodema – Provider of industrial and enterprise level 3D printing services.

Imprint Energy – Makers of ultra thin bendable portable wearable batterires.

Vestec – developers of conversational speech technologies.

Grenergy – Maker of very cool batteries.

Etri – Augmented reality for the fashion industry.

Whiteclouds – 3d Printing services.

tct mag – 3D printing industry magazine.

Muse – brain sensing headband.

FE-PIN – key pad makers using any metal or other surface.

trewgrip – innovative keypad for mobile devices.

Leonar3do – simple fun software for 3D modeling.

formlabs – high resolution desktop 3D resin printing

Up – 3D printer

chocabyte – Low cost chocolate 3D printer.

Flamesoft – Ap development platform.

Local Motors – Crowded sourced and funded auto manufacturer.

WowWee – cool robots for kids.

swinglet – Flying wing drone

envision tec – professional 3D printers