Amazing documentary on waste pickers


70129386Academy Awards nominated Waste Pickers is a  wonderful documentary focusing on the plight of waste pickers from Brazil and an artist that changes their lives.  The Brazilian artist Vik Muniz based in New York decides to make the difference and travels to the largest landfill of the world outside of Rio de Janeiro, with the intention to help the waste pickers to improve their lives using his art. Muniz recalls an event when he was very poor and lived in Brazil. He tried to break up a fight between two men, and he was shot when he was walking to his car who later gave him some money that allowed Vik to travel to USA. Muniz and his friend Fábio spend two years in the trash dumps of Rio and get closer to a group of pickers of recyclable materials and uses the waste to create amazing portraits of the workers.  He uses the funds from the sale of the artwork to buy With the money equipment and build a learning center and a library for the waste pickers in order to improve their lives.  It is a beautiful and uplifting movie that highlight the plight of waste pickers and the possibility of creative energy to improve the lives of people.


Watch the trailer: Netflix has the movie for streaming.
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